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Clocked cars

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  • Clocked cars

    As I'm in a market for an FJ Cruiser I came across various offers from various traders.
    During my due diligence I came across some folks that were clocking (adjust the mileage) the cars.

    Since I put the effort and resources to get a proper due diligence it will a pity that this efforts goes in vain and some fellow 4x4 lover ends up with a lemon car.
    Without further due here are my finding.

    1. 2006 Black FJ crusier
    VIN JTEBU11F270034131
    Advertised for sale in Varna with 174.000km, ad here: and here:

    According to the carfax report on 17-10-2015 the car had 209,998 km

    2. 2010 Army green TOYOTA FJ CRUISER
    VIN JTEBU4BF2AK071272

    Advertised for sale in Plovdiv with 146.000km, ad here:

    According to the carfax report on 11-10-2018 the car had 343,905 km and it was sold by a Canadian dealer wholesale for 10000CAD,
    Carfax here:

    Will keep this post updated as I found more lemons.

    Hope this helps,

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