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How to import Nissan Patrol to Romania?

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  • How to import Nissan Patrol to Romania?

    I am about to move to Bucharest to start a new job. I am in Qatar at the moment and drive Nissan Patrol SGL-V VTC 4800. I love this car although it has no off-road upgrades; it gets respect everywhere, one sits hight enough to see everything, there is enough power and torque for any kind of stuff.

    Gasoline is really cheap here. For Super - which I guess is 98 octane gasoline - we pay 1 riyal per litre which is $0.27. Simply it is very cheap and I fill up my two tanks for 135 riyals which does take out of my salary much.

    I would like to ask anyone with experience whether it is possible, economical and reasonable to import this car to Romania. It is Nissan Patrol, year 2004, SGL-V trim, engine TB48DE.

    Any advice and opinion is welcomed.

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    Re: How to import Nissan Patrol to Romania?

    If you have around 15-20.000 EURO available, for the Environment tax, and another 4800 EURO for a special tax (1 EURO / cubic centimeter displacement), you can import your Patrol in Romania very easily......

    And after that you will pay 1,2-1,3 EURO per liter gasoline....

    Your link does not work. "Permission denied".

    Later edit: My mistake, the environment tax is around 3500 EURO.
    I assume your patrol is EURO 4 (E4 emissions) and has a carbon dioxide emission around 408 g/km.
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    Cīnd te-ai nascut, tu ai plīns iar altii s-au bucurat. Traieste-ti viata astfel īncīt, cīnd vei muri, toti sa plīnga, iar tu sa zīmbesti.


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      Re: How to import Nissan Patrol to Romania?

      I have such money saved but it is saved for other stuff than importing 11 year old car to Europe

      So I'll choose another hobby than 4x4, for example embroidery, learning languages or jogging.


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        Re: How to import Nissan Patrol to Romania?

        You could, in principle, use the car with the Qatar registration plates for a limited time - but this would probably lead to discussions with each police unit that sees you driving it (at least they would stop you out of curiosity to see where those plates are from :) ) and a lot of explanations on insurance.
        Plus, you would either take it back with you once you are done or give it away here - you would not get almost anything from selling it, due to the high taxes.

        Importing it and registering in Romania is not an option as the taxes would far exceed the value of your car.

        You are probably far better of to sell it in Qatar and buy an already registered car here, you don't have to give up a nice hobby (embroidery sucks).


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          Re: How to import Nissan Patrol to Romania?

 can get your residency in Bulgaria and than get on your Patrol, bulgarian plates. can easily drive your car in Romania paying taxes and insurance in Bulgaria(fees bearable and normal).Is the only way you can not be deprived of the pleasure of driving your favorite car in our country(except of paying all the astronomical fees as Giorgel said).

          Either way you'll come : Welcome in Romania !!
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